Recently I was asked to provide 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massages as part of a company’s employee appreciation celebration. Great people and company! There was a strong vibe of mutual appreciation going on! I love participating in these positive occasions.
Any day or week can be for staff appreciation or wellness that includes massage!
Massage breaks provide restorative and renewing energy!
Please contact me for details and pricing. Everyone deserves to de-stress, relax and receive professional massage!

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Massage is beneficial part of training for long distance walks, runs and biking

Training for a 5K,10K or Marathon? First off, let me say congratulations! You are focused, inspired and committed to expanding your physical abilities! Pat yourself on the back! You’ve earned it. 

Massage can be a positive part of your training and preparation! The same holds true for biking or other regular athletic activities.

Massage stimulates circulation in and recovery of muscle tissue fluidity that is needed for ease in vigorous endeavors. Sustained, repetitive muscular contractions translate into speed, power, and distance allowing us to walk, run or bike further and faster. However, this can also translate to shortened, tight muscles, range of motion loss, and decreased circulation to compressed tissues. Massage works to elongate the muscles, relieve muscle tightness, restore joint range of motion, and improve circulation.

Massage can soften fascia tissue and relax clenched muscles. It also removes adhesions between fascia and muscles that may restrict muscle movement. Fascia work is great for runners, who rely on limber joints and muscles for pain-free peak performance.

Massage also aids in stress reduction and ability to calm anxiety prior to a race as well as helping relax and soothe overused muscles after a race.

Over the years I have worked with many runners both pre and post race, as well as working with pro golfers. Best of all – I know from my own experience that deep massage helped me continue training when the going got tough, my calf muscles were painfully constricted, as I prepared to run my first 10K. HAPPILY – I DID IT!

Discussion about Your needs before any massage provides for the most positive outcome!

Schedule your next massage now!



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Be Mindful Of Increased Stress

Be Mindful of Stress Levels

Our mind, and therefore our body, has the beautiful ability to self heal. We can allow healing. In the same way that cuts and bruises heal – but on a larger scale. A healthy balance in body and mind is our natural state of being. Our minds and bodies are built to handle and bounce back from a certain amount of stress. Life happens! But consistent levels of intense stress and worry have been shown to interrupt our ability to stay in balance and allow the body its easy return to well-being and best levels of functioning. We may easily get caught in a kind of stress loop of reactions and thoughts. The good news is we can consciously intercept these repeated patterns!

Einstein’s wise words are helpful: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

To counter ongoing stress we need to take distinctively positive, relaxing actions. Reading, meditation, naps, taking time to play with family, soothing music, funny movies, walks, gardening, dancing – what is your chosen way to take a break and intercept the neural pathways of stress? How do you reclaim your peace of mind?

Massage is one great option! Massage is a relaxing, healing antidote to stress.

Schedule a MASSAGE soon!



A little about Reiki

Reiki is now available with a massage or by itself. 

Both Reiki and massage are systems of natural healing that focus on the body and energy. Both are approaches to energy work or energy healing.
A massage loosens muscles, increases oxygen and blood flow throughout the body, and encourages the free flow of the body’s own energies, or “Chi.”
The Japanese healing art of Reiki has similar practical purposes—to increase and free the unbalanced energy flow in the body. But while massage manipulates and penetrates muscle tissue, Reiki uses only light touch and sometimes merely the proximity of the healer’s hands to particular parts of the body, using prescribed hand positions, depending on the training tradition.
Massage is an ancient tradition, one of the first recorded medical treatments in China more than 2,000 years ago. Reiki is a recently developed practice, invented in 1922 by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist.
Adding Reiki onto the end of your massage is a beautiful complimentary session and deepens the relaxation.

$35.00 for 30 minutes.
See You Soon!


Happy 4th Everyone!

Long weekends are great times to catch up on self care.
I am open through the holiday weekend.
Between cookouts and fireworks – schedule a relaxing massage to celebrate preventive health and well-being!


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A Bit of Heaven for Your Feet!

Treat Your Feet With Love!

Schedule a summer love fest for your overworked feet! Sixty minutes of foot reflexology, massage, botanic sugar scrub and hot towels. When you receive a pedicure don’t you wish for more foot massage? Give your feet more sweet pampering.

Or add the sugar scrub for feet to your regular massage for $10.00 (add on)

Some of the benefits of reflexology include: its ability to stimulate nerve function, increase energy, boost circulation, induce a deep state of relaxation, eliminate toxins, stimulate the central nervous system, prevent or ease migraines, clean up urinary tract condition, speed recovery after injury or surgery. Reflexology points on the feet correlate throughout the whole body – bringing whole body relief from time focused specifically on your feet.


See you soon!


To dissolve stress – CHOOSE to think that you deserve a relaxing Massage! Because YOU Do!
Think about how time feels suspended while you are receiving a massage; you drift in and out hearing only soft music. Your thoughts follow your heart. Stress is left far behind on some other shore. It loses its hold. Healing takes place.
Think deliberately about scheduling a massage today! You know you have wanted to. Be good to YOU!
See you soon!

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FROM A Resonance Massage
Mothers bless our whole life with the certainty of love.

Gift Certificates are available for the moms in your life!
Appointments available this weekend – call now ❤


Buy Mom a package of four massages!
Four 60 minute massages for 235.00
Four 90 minute massages for 300.00

OR – Any other of massages that I offer


“Love is not an emotion, it’s your very existence.”
~ Rumi


Spring and Summer Massage – At the top of Your Un-do List!

As you plan trips, happy projects and fun for summer breaks and vacations — put Massage on your ‘undo’ list! Undo stress, undo knots, undo tension, undo time pressures. Release chronic muscle aches and over thinking. Give your body and mind a vacation with peaceful, relaxing touch through professional massage!
Think of it as another step to look your best on vacation or stay-cations! Feeling our best, feeling open and relaxed – allows our inner glow and true beauty to shine fiercely through! You deserve to relax!
Schedule a massage — Feel and Be radiant!
See you soon!


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The Enhancement of Warmth

Enjoy a little warmth with your massage! Most of us enjoy the relaxation and relief that heat provides tired or sore muscles. With each massage I include a warm pack for the back while legs and feet are massaged and I incorporate warm, moist towels for the neck, face and feet. Of course you may choose to leave these steps out, but if you like them they are included for maximum relaxation. Schedule your next massage soon!
Gift Certificates are available and Mother’s Day isn’t far away!