Be Mindful Of Increased Stress

Be Mindful of Stress Levels

Our mind, and therefore our body, has the beautiful ability to self heal. We can allow healing. In the same way that cuts and bruises heal – but on a larger scale. A healthy balance in body and mind is our natural state of being. Our minds and bodies are built to handle and bounce back from a certain amount of stress. Life happens! But consistent levels of intense stress and worry have been shown to interrupt our ability to stay in balance and allow the body its easy return to well-being and best levels of functioning. We may easily get caught in a kind of stress loop of reactions and thoughts. The good news is we can consciously intercept these repeated patterns!

Einstein’s wise words are helpful: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

To counter ongoing stress we need to take distinctively positive, relaxing actions. Reading, meditation, naps, taking time to play with family, soothing music, funny movies, walks, gardening, dancing – what is your chosen way to take a break and intercept the neural pathways of stress? How do you reclaim your peace of mind?

Massage is one great option! Massage is a relaxing, healing antidote to stress.

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Considering Trying Massage For the First Time? Perhaps it’s that achy low back, tight neck or job stress — but you’d like to know more about what to expect

Professional massage is just that — professional. Professional therapeutic massage by an educated, certified massage therapist above all is ethical, safe and guided by the client’s needs and comfort level. The first thing that happens when I meet with a client is a discussion about their physical condition and their reason for seeking massage. If they are a first time massage client, I spend time describing what I will be doing and how massage is practiced. After our discussion, I leave the room and the client undresses to their comfort level and lies on the table under a sheet and blanket, which stays in place at all times. The back, one leg or one arm is uncovered one at a time. Clients may choose to only have massage on the back, neck and shoulders or the back and legs, etc. Some clients may not want foot massage and others may only want hands and feet worked on. You choose the massage that is best for you.

A professional massage conforms to the client’s current needs. The goal of the massage may be for deep relaxation to alleviate feeling anxious or over stressed, to promote healing in a strained or injured area or to release chronically tense muscle group, perhaps work related issues. For first time clients I generally begin with a medium pressure massage, but over time as a client becomes familiar with what works best for them, feels best to them, they ask for the pressure they prefer. Pressure ranges from ‘light’ to ‘deep tissue’ with many subtle distinctions in between. Deep tissue massage manipulates the deeper aspects of the muscle tissue. Many clients prefer deeper massage on their backs than they do on their legs or neck. A good massage includes thorough communication and sensing by the therapist, but the client is always encouraged to speak up if pressure is too deep or not deep enough. It is your massage!

Through experience clients learn what styles of massage they prefer, be it Swedish, flowing, specific (trigger point), or a combination of these, with or without stretching of large muscles (sports massage). There are many other modalities to try: reflexology, hot stone, shirodhara, craniosacral, Thai, shiatsu, to name a few. And prenatal massage is highly effective and encouraged all through a healthy pregnancy.

Another concern many first time clients have is about falling asleep. It is my belief that when people become deeply relaxed during massage they drift in and out of a semi meditative state but are not sound asleep. I feel this is optimal for de-stressing and is a sign that the mind wants to relax as much as the body is relaxing. Doing this regularly can increase our clarity of thought.

After the educational foundation is learned, massage is a very fluid and creative discipline. You will find wide variations between massage therapists in regard to style, philosophy, energy, modalities and strength! Find the therapist that best suits your needs or rotate between several of the best who have different styles!

Above all massage is for the improvement of your well being. Relief, relaxation! This is best achieved when working with an experienced professional who has a strong positive intention toward creating a safe, healing, peaceful experience for all.

If you are considering trying massage I strongly encourage you to do so. For myself I was joyously amazed after my first massage and knew it had to become a regular part of my life. Over time I learned it is a part of my preventive health care routine and that I deserve it! It isn’t just for rare and special occasions. Receiving massage once or twice a month is optimal.

Many people wait until a doctor recommends trying massage or someone special gives them a gift certificate. I’ve had several men who came for a first massage because their daughter gave them a Father’s Day gift certificate – and then they were sold on the many benefits and deep relaxation of massage.

Know that  you can choose massage before your body is in pain! !

However you get here – if you are considering massage – I hope it will be the first of many for you!

Please call with any further questions regarding what to expect or about my modalities and philosophy.

The body can heal and wants to heal. Massage can be a powerful contribution to maintaining your best health!

In warmth and joy,

Karen Garrison CMT, LMT   

Take off the ‘battle gear’ — and get some pampering!

We tend to tense our muscles as a reaction to stressful situations, or even stressful thoughts. It is of course a preparation for fight or flight response. Over time, the nature of our perceived dangers and stresses have changed and become more generalized and pervasive. I know for myself I never used to be aware of how often I do this, or how many muscle groups I would tighten. This kind of reaction can be unwittingly repeated for years. It becomes a false measure of normal. It dawns on me, many of us are wearing invisible suits of armor, no less heavy and resistant than their clumsy, steel predecessors. The problem is as we think we are guarding against unwanted situations, we also compromise our ability to feel pure joy, well being, improving health, love, abundance; to translate the good in a sensory or mental way, allowing it into our experience.
Massage can certainly help and meditation or progressive relaxation techniques are great. As a massage therapist I certainly feel and sense the sheath of armor-like muscles on many people. We spend precious energy maintaining this silent state of tension.
For myself, I’ve begun taking note more regularly and consciously, releasing my tightened (for no good reason) muscles with breath and loving thought. I think this is a part of what is meant by — change your thoughts, change your life.
The more we focus on self love and extending love, the more love comes into our lives and the less often we feel vulnerable. Removing the invisible ‘armor’ definitely allows the body and heart lighter, freer feelings and a stronger desire to interact with the blessings of life.
We can become so unaccustomed to deeply positive feelings that we are suspicious of them or at the very least need to practice feeling them. Practice allowing the heart to swell, to radiate, tingles to ripple up the spine, happy tears to fall freely, mouths to smile, feet to tap dance.
Massage is always a great way to begin to let go of tension you don’t realize you are ‘wearing’!
I’d love for everyone to get massages because massage feels good and they want to pamper themselves — instead of because they are hurting.
Love you

Tense Muscles ~ Unwitting resistance

In reaction to stress, we often tighten or tense up our muscles. Clients will say, “I carry my stress in my…” For many it is shoulders, (upper traps), neck, (scalene and levator scapulae), for others it might be the forehead (tension headaches might be happening) or their hips. I’ve even had people tell me they carry their stress in their knees and feet. Tensing up may cause digestive issues for some. Tense muscles are a kind of invisible barrier to stress, challenges, sadness, trauma, that we try to create. We are attempting to protect ourselves. Barriers create resistance to the flow of life and in the case of tense muscles, they impede our movement. In fight or flight situations, this natural response is positive, necessary, but in many cumulative stressful situations this tensing reaction creates restriction for our bodies, mind, heart and soul.

I say body, mind, heart and soul because I value the concept of wholeness. We are whole beings! I believe your body is a communication device for your mind, heart and soul! It is wise to keep our communication system (body) pain-free and flowing; an open conduit! Be aware of tense muscles creating resistance in your flow and dance with life. It may happen slowly over time or in sudden response to some significant life transition. Allow yourself time to do physically relaxing activities for body and mind. A few options might be:  Simple stretching, a few minutes of deep, slow breathing, meditation, yoga, deeper, gentle, longer stretches and certainly massage! Actually anything that brings you joy will aid in relaxing your muscles! Sing, play an instrument, be in nature, dance, catch up with a dear friend. In essence — be good to yourself and flow with life!

Learning in love!