Photos of the new massage room

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Image may contain: bedroom and indoor

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Scalp Massage – a touch of bliss

Receiving scalp massage is one of my favorite parts of my own massage time. But, I also love giving scalp massage. It is a great feeling to sense the release that happens for a client during prolonged scalp massage, the breath deepening. Do you enjoy the massage part of shampooing during your salon visits? They are usually too short! People often tell me they had no idea it could be that relaxing or that the scalp would be so sensitive and responsive to massage. It is consistently a favored part of my massages. As our feet work hard for us, and foot massage contributes to a fully relaxed state — so too with scalp massage. Many activities may be attracting tension to the scalp area — think about it! 😉

It can be helpful in soothing headaches too.
I can offer extended scalp massage as a focus in any massage, or you can try the Scalp, hand and foot massage to treat yourself.

Hope to see you soon!


Tense Muscles ~ Unwitting resistance

In reaction to stress, we often tighten or tense up our muscles. Clients will say, “I carry my stress in my…” For many it is shoulders, (upper traps), neck, (scalene and levator scapulae), for others it might be the forehead (tension headaches might be happening) or their hips. I’ve even had people tell me they carry their stress in their knees and feet. Tensing up may cause digestive issues for some. Tense muscles are a kind of invisible barrier to stress, challenges, sadness, trauma, that we try to create. We are attempting to protect ourselves. Barriers create resistance to the flow of life and in the case of tense muscles, they impede our movement. In fight or flight situations, this natural response is positive, necessary, but in many cumulative stressful situations this tensing reaction creates restriction for our bodies, mind, heart and soul.

I say body, mind, heart and soul because I value the concept of wholeness. We are whole beings! I believe your body is a communication device for your mind, heart and soul! It is wise to keep our communication system (body) pain-free and flowing; an open conduit! Be aware of tense muscles creating resistance in your flow and dance with life. It may happen slowly over time or in sudden response to some significant life transition. Allow yourself time to do physically relaxing activities for body and mind. A few options might be:  Simple stretching, a few minutes of deep, slow breathing, meditation, yoga, deeper, gentle, longer stretches and certainly massage! Actually anything that brings you joy will aid in relaxing your muscles! Sing, play an instrument, be in nature, dance, catch up with a dear friend. In essence — be good to yourself and flow with life!

Learning in love!