The Bliss of Scalp Massage

Receiving scalp massage is one of my favorite parts of my own massage time. But, I also love giving scalp massage. It is a great feeling to sense the release that happens for a client during prolonged scalp massage, the breath deepening. Do you enjoy the massage part of shampooing during your salon visits? They are usually too short! People often tell me they had no idea it could be that relaxing or that the scalp would be so sensitive and responsive to massage. It is consistently a favored part of my massages. As our feet work hard for us, and foot massage contributes to a fully relaxed state — so too with scalp massage. Many activities may be attracting tension to the scalp area — think about it! 😉

It can be helpful in soothing headaches too.
I can offer extended scalp massage as a focus in any massage, or you can try the Scalp, hand and foot massage to treat yourself.

Hope to see you soon!



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